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Highlands World: Edo

Latitude: NorthernLongitude: (4) 135°Time Zone: -9hrs (EF)
Area: 472,534 kmsq
Average diameter 345 km (approx avg.)
Current: 511,895At Convocation: 442,626
Inter-Highland Connections:
Airlinerleavesondocks ondeparts forarriving on
Blueliner Berlan/NPTusday Wenday GiardinDurday
Goldliner GiardinFriday Satday BerlanZonday
Greenliner DekadaDurday Friday NP/HanifeSatday
Orangeliner HanifeZonday Monday DekadaTusday
Cable from Asahi to Flyaway, Giardin (19 km)
Very mountainous with deep valleys and canyons. Temperate climate with mild winter on northside with occasional snow. Mostly bamboo but also mulberry forests.
Edo was first settled in about the year 70. A man named An Soo Chee who was living on Aurora at the time announced that he was going to migrate to Highland E and establish an Oriental cultural enclave. He expected that perhaps forty or fifty might join him. Within a year almost five-hundred original settlers and their descendants emigrated to what the initial group chose to call Edo. An Soo Chee himself was of mixed Japanese and Chinese heritage and eventually the culture of Edo became an eclectic mix of those two cultures along with elements of Tibetan, Korean, Cambodian and other cultures.
Cities and Villages
Yoko: airport city and capital
Asahi: cable city to Giardin
Lhasa: Prominant city in northern Edo. Home to several Dojo
Culture and Politics
Edo is the most heavily influenced Highland in terms of ethnicity and culture. It is an oriental enclave. The term oriental, on earth is a reference to countries and cultural groups historically located in the south-eastern end of the Asian continent. The prominent countries in ancient times were China, Japan, Korea, and a group of smaller countries located on a peninsula south of the large country of China. Of the 2800 members of the original crew of the ATV, about 350 traced their cultural heritage to those countries. If you travel to Edo, you will find many cultural differences compared to the more western influence on the rest of Highland. There is on Edo, an emphasis on aesthetic beauty and harmony with nature. Most homes are temporary structures and the countryside is full of carefully tended gardens. The food is much less dependent on meat with a lot of locally raised fish and rice dishes.“ “Edo’s famous Samri’a and Bikou warriors trace their founding back to Robyn Arythor. Her father was Japanese and her mother was half White and half Maori. She had studied several martial arts including Japanese Sword-fighting and Maori Taiaha combat. Although she never lived on Edo, her influence led to the creation of the Samri’a. Much of the knowledge of the Samurai and the Shaolin kung foo disciplines that became the basis for the Samri’a way were learned from the records and images in the data stored by the Triamon.
Agriculture and Industry
Edo's main exports are Silk, Tea and bamboo crafted objects. It's samri'a warriors are in high demand as personal bodyguards.

Aurora Berlan Caleara Dekada Edo Fermi
Giardin Hanife Ilium Jakobee Kensau Lorenza

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