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Highlands World: Highland Tales

An anthology of tales about the creation of Highlands World and the building of its civilization. Compiled by Marcus Mendelsohn from first person narratives recorded or overheard.

Marcus begins with his own story about the physical and digital lives of himself and his partner/wife Helena. He talks about their 85 years together as husband and wife then describes their experience as part of the digital Triamon that created Highlands World after the catastrophic accident left them stranded in a hostile system.

Additional stories are recorded first person narratives told by a number of the original settlers and their decendants of their lives and adventures on the unique Highlands World.

This compelling collection is a must-read by anyone interested in Highlands World.

Planned publication date beginning in Summer 2015 and continuing onward as stories are edited and added.
Available only in Kindle version until completed. Purchasing the early release at its reduced price will allow you to upgrade the Kindle version as stories are added at no additional cost.

Highlands World in Crisis:

Imminence: (Volume I)

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