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Highlands World: Resolve

A storm is brewing. The bishop's release of the criminal guards ignited it. Now Saem must weather this storm that will rage on all Highlands. He survived the tornado that wrecked his boat on Midsea. Can he survive this one? Can he channel its fury to bring real change?

Escapade Book Five: With his friends help, Saem embarks on his perilous mission. But pursuit is close behind. Failure means not only his own death, but the death of his world and all those he loves. But success might lead to all-out war.

Engagement Book Six: While their world crumbles around them, Saem and his allies must prevail, even if it means their own lives. Victory seems impossible, but defeat is unthinkable! Their enemy's greatest weapon is ignorance and fear and the truth that could bring victory is strange beyond imagining to those that must be won over.

Convocation Book Seven: Decisions made long ago have made Highlands World an outlaw world. The time is coming when, if it survives, Highlands World will be rejoined with the rest of human civilization, what then?

Planned publication: June 2015.

Highlands World in Crisis:

Imminence: (Volume I)

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