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Highlands World: Imminence

What happened long ago: They were in serious trouble: An ATV – a small asteroid turned into an interstellar terra-forming ship. Almost 700 light-years from home. Almost a million years in their own past. But the system they were investigating was not suitable. They would move on. Then catastrophe struck. They were marooned in an inhospitable system. No planet to build into a human world. So they made their own. A collection of asteroids became a unique cluster world. They made it green and the original crew would, in time, awake from their long sleep and become colonists. Theirs would become the most unique of human worlds: Highlands World.

What's happening now: Almost back in their own time, soon they would be able to reconnect with human civilization. But a thoughtless act of sabotage has had far-reaching and unintended consequences. Their world is doomed. The end of their world is imminent. It will destroy itself and with it almost five million descendants of the colonists.
Blocked by an ignorant and repressive theocracy, they can't make the repairs needed to prevent a collapse. Their fate is in the hands of a shipwrecked fisherman. He must save his world – but he doesn’t know that. He’s just a fisherman.

Book One: Saemond and the Dragon Saemond Hrallbjornson, trawler captain and fisherman, is shipwrecked on an uninhabited island on Midsea, the ocean of Highlands World. He's lost and alone, or is he?
An encounter with a monster from the deep, a giant octopus, a kraken, or perhaps a dragon left over from the dragon wars that rid Highlands World of robotic helpers 300 years earlier. The former robotic helpers have become terrifying legends, called dragons. Is that what is stalking him? Saem's life is about to change in a way he never could have imagined!

Book Two: Perilous Straits Home from exile, Saem again walks the streets of Portland, his home port and town. He has been given a mission but treacherous obstacles lie in his way. He brought home a treasure to fund his mission. But, instead, will he hang for a murder he didn't commit? An act of kindness befriending a runaway wife and her two young children will change things forever. Julyae’s abusive husband is pursuing her with murderous intent. Saem and his friend Hjarl try to help. But Saem is unaware that he too is being stalked. There are forces that will stop at nothing to keep him from completing his mission.

The first volume of the Highlands World in Crisis trilogy
Published: Fall, 2014

Highlands World in Crisis:

Imminence: (Volume I)

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Endeavour: (Volume II)

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