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Highlands World: Endeavour

Disasters mount. Blame escalates. The powerful cling more desperately to their privileged positions. A fisherman becomes a reluctant leader. Highlands World, built of a cluster of asteroids orbiting around a distant star is in crisis. The high-tech infrastructure hidden from the world's inhabitants because of a long ago act of sabotage is falling apart. It has had no maintenance for over 300 years. Saem Hrallbjornson was given a mission that might save their world but can he see it through?
The world’s theocratic government, not understanding the threat to the world, is pursuing Saem. In him they see an enemy who threatens their power and control. They plotted his assassination. But there is no trace of Saem, dead or alive. What really happened? If he is alive Saem Hrallbjornson is a hunted man.

Book Three: Hope's Endeavour Hjarl believes he saw his friend Saem brutally mursered and lying along with another victim in a spreading pool of blood. But he was unable to do anything, he was departing on an airliner and witnessed the attack from afar. He has to know for sure. Is Saem dead? Is he wounded and in hiding? Hjarl returns to the scene as soon as he can, but no one even knows that there were two victims.
One thing becomes clear, although the attack has been mistakenly called an assassination of the other victim, a vice bishop, someone, someone with deep resources, wants Saem dead. But why? There’s no record of his death. Not a trace of Saem Hrallbjornson at all. Hjarl must solve the puzzle and find Saem or assume the responsibility of completing his mission.

Book Four: Blackfall Hjarl has found Saem and helped him recover his memory and his sense of mission. The two friends at long last are on their way to Julyae’s refuge on Giardin. But things on Highlands World are falling apart. A catastrophe nearly costs Saem and Hjarl their lives. The mysterious Inj are blamed, but no one even knows who they are.
Saem and his new friend Mitchell head for Portland, a detour that nearly costs Saem his life when he encounters someone with a deadly grudge against him. Saem survives another attack but is baffled by Mitchell’s analysis of his seeming good luck. A brutalized young girl near death is saved by Saem and Mitchell and that will turn the future of Highlands World upside down.

The second volume of the Highlands World in Crisis trilogy July 2015.

Highlands World in Crisis:

Imminence: (Volume I)

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Endeavour: (Volume II)

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