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Fall Fever:

A humorous remembrance of forty-one years of teaching biology to high school sophomores.

Richard Trump lasted 41 years as a High School teacher. That is an awesome feat in itself. And he emerged with his wry sense of humor intact. Quite an achievement. During those years he journaled his experiences in the classrooms full of not always well behaved students and on field trips with sophomores trailing along.

Some time after he retired (somewhat reluctantly) from teaching sophomores the facts (about and of) life and during the 10 years he spent teaching college students the mysteries of keeping bees, he compiled this collection of stories gleaned from his journals into a book manuscript. If you were one of his students, you may have the misfortune of recognizing yourself. If you didn't have the good great luck to learn biology from Mister Trump, you'll still recognize the characters, both students and teachers he tells about. The sometimes wild behavior of sophomores and the frustrations of long-suffering high-school teachers are a universal phenomenon.

Fall Fever is like a bag of popcorn. One taste leads to another and you will find you can't stop. Click the link below to read few short excerpts.

Scheduled publication: January 2015

A Short Sample of Fall Fever

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