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A naturalists lifetime of discovery in ordinary places.

For almost 60 years Richard Trump kept journals, diaries and clippings of the naturalist columns he wrote for three different newspapers. Although he never explored the Amazon basin, nor the caves of Guatemala and he never descended into the depths of the ocean as did William Beebe, he observed the cycle of life in his own backyard and in the fields and along the streams of Iowa. Stranded during WWII in the Canal Zone for a time waiting for re-deployment as a Naval Officer, he spent his spare time observing life along the Panama Canal and on the beaches of the Pacific.

He spent 41 years as a teacher of High School Biology and another 10 years teaching Beekeeping at Iowa State University. He wrote two biology texts and numerous articles but most importantly he wrote down what he observed. No matter where he was he discovered life in its abundance and amazing variety.

In this volume are many of his observations of nature and wildlife. In the companion volume Fall Fever are his observations of the even wilder life of high school sophomores and their teachers. Both are filled with poignancy and humor.

Scheduled publication date: Winter, 2014/15

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